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Reverse Osmosis Systems in the Boise and Eagle Areas, by Wickstrom

Water filtration in any setting is highly important; by successfully removing undesirable water pollutants, it makes water cleaner. There are occasions when the simplest form of water filtration is not effective enough at cleansing water to the degree which you need. This is where reverse osmosis systems can come into play by offering a deeper level of clean water than other filtration systems. The reverse osmosis system professionals in Boise at Wickstrom have the expertise necessary to assist you through the entire process of deciding whether a reverse osmosis filtration system is the proper choice for you.

What is Reverse Osmosis Filtration?

Reverse osmosis filtration systems utilize a process where water is forced under pressure through a semi–permeable and very fine membrane. This happens because the water on one side of the membrane will have an additive such as salt introduced to it, causing it to be at a different pressure than what is on the other side of the membrane. As water passes through the membrane it is separated into single molecules.

Once the water has made it through the membrane, most contaminants as well as the salt have been eradicated. This is also why reverse osmosis systems are great to use in conjunction with water softeners, because they properly remove excess saline from the water as well. By removing excess salt you remove the possibility of taking in too much salt which could be harmful to your health.

Additionally, reverse osmosis systems allow oxygen to flow through the membrane, which means there are no strange tastes associated with water purified through reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Systems with a Professional Water Treatment Company in Boise

Wickstrom Service Company is a professional water treatment company in Boise that provides water treatment services all over the Boise area such as reverse osmosis system installation and replacement, as well as reverse osmosis filter repair and maintenance plans. Our Eagle water treatment technicians are educated in the mixture of water purification methods which are available including reverse osmosis systems and can provide you with all the information on reverse osmosis that will help you in determining whether it is the proper water purification method for you.