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Water Pressure in the Boise and Eagle Areas, by Wickstrom

Low water pressure is not a very fun thing. You hop into the shower expecting to be sprayed by a wonderful downpour of water, and instead get just a drizzle of water with poor water pressure. Not only that but it can make simple daily tasks much more difficult by making washing clothes take longer and cleaning dishes more problematic. The plumbing experts in Boise at Wickstrom have the answers to poor water pressure, and can make your life simpler once again.

Low Water Pressure Causes

Poor water pressure can be a result of a number of sources. Highly common is the buildup of debris and corrosion inside pipes. Plumbing systems that have been in place for many years will have much more sediment built up than newer pipe systems, which means water cannot flow through them as quickly, thus resulting in low water pressure. Additionally it can be a clogged valve, that the distribution piping which was originally installed was too small, or that the water service line to your system does not itself have enough water pressure. Each of these can mean poor water pressure throughout a building, or to one particular faucet or plumbing fixture.

How to Boost Low Water Pressure

There are some great potential ways to boost low water pressure in Eagle. Sometimes the use of newer low flow fixtures and aerators can increase the feeling of water pressure while actually saving you in water consumption. Dealing with corrosion and cleaning out pipes that have sediment buildup issues is a great step to take. And it might not require a whole plumbing system repiping, but possibly just one faucet of fixture that has the issues. If the problem is that you are far away from the water supply, you can install a water pressure booster pump which will boost the water pressure for the entire building.

Water Pressure Services with a Professional Boise Plumbing Company

Wickstrom Service Company is a well–qualified plumbing company in Boise that supplies quality water pressure services such as checking water pressure, and fixing low water pressure problems. Our plumbing technicians have the knowledge–base and expertise in the field that helps them correctly identify where water pressure issues are coming from within practically any plumbing system. As technological advances occur, methods of practice change, and plumbing industry standards advance we instruct our plumbers, making sure they are well–informed in water pressure, which it can occur within plumbing systems and how to get proper water pressure.