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Water Lines Services in the Boise and Meridian Areas, by Wickstrom

Water lines are a very important part of a plumbing system. Without them a building would have no access to the water main, as well as no plumbing throughout a building to the fixtures which need water. Wickstrom has a team of plumbers in Boise that are experienced in everything to do with water lines and the various types of piping and tubing which are used.

What Are Water Lines?

Water lines are the network of pipes or tubes which carry pressurized and treated fresh water to buildings as well as inside buildings. Water lines are generally located underground, in order to cause the least amount of damage, and because that is where access to the source pipe or main water line is located. Water lines can be water pipes or water tubes. Water pipes are made of PVC pipe or galvanized steel pipes and are measured by their iron pipe size. Water tubes are copper tubes or other types of tubing that come in one average diameter for use more universally. Each type can either have rigid joints or flexible rolls.

What is a Main Water Line?

The main water line is the pipe that comes into a building directly from the city water or irrigation system. It feeds all the other various water lines and water pipes throughout a building, and is often referred to as a water main, or a main water line. Main water lines are usually found at the front of a building since that is where city water is generally located in order for multiple buildings to access it. However, in colder climates the water main can be located in a basement or cellar.

Water Line Installation, Replacement, Repair and Maintenance

Water lines can break because of extreme conditions surrounding it, but for a majority of the time they break due to age and deterioration over time. With age in a water line comes rust, and with rust comes lose and disjointed piping connections which can cause water line leaks. With simple leaks between joints a simple water line repair of patches and joint replacements can fix the problem, but with holes in pipes and more major breakages new water line pipe installation may be necessary.

Problems with water lines can be easy to spot. Watch for decreased water flow within a building, a backup of water into the yard, or increased water bills. Our Meridian plumbing technicians have the tools and experience that are necessary to act quickly and salvage your home or office from additional water damage, whether it is water line installation, water main replacements, water line repairs, or water line maintenance.

Water Line and Water Main Services with a Professional Boise Plumbing Company

Wickstrom Service Company is a well–qualified Boise plumbing company that supplies the quality water line services and water main services you require which include main water line installation, water line replacement, water main repair, or water line maintenance plans. Our plumbers have the training and day–to–day familiarity working with a wide range of water line piping systems. When advanced technologies, new methods of work, and plumbing industry standards are introduced we fittingly educate our plumbing technicians, making certain they are knowledgeable in every area of plumbing which applies to their work.