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Repiping Services in the Boise and Kuna Areas, by Wickstrom

Repiping is the process of totally replacing existing pipes in a building’s plumbing system. It can be a monumental task to try and perform on your own, and it is ideal to hire a Boise plumbing services company such as Wickstrom to perform any repiping projects both quickly and efficiently.

What is Repiping and Why Does Repiping Happen?

Repiping is basically the completion of an entire plumbing system replacement. It can cover a large section of a home or office, an entire floor, or an entire building’s plumbing system. Older buildings were constructed with the use of galvanized pipes or zinc–coated iron pipes. As these pipes age the zinc lining starts to erode, and this can cause rust to form. When they have begun to rust this means they are deteriorating, and it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible. If you wait too long to have a repiping project in Kuna performed, it could be catastrophic to the areas of your building through which the pipe flow as pipe leaks do finally occur in walls and under flooring.

Warning Signs that Repiping is Necessary

Watch for some easy to spot signs that repiping may be just around the corner: if your washing machine begins to take much longer to fill up, when tap water starts to taste bitter, and when water in the shower has a rusty tinge to it. These are indications that pipe deterioration has begun and fairly soon the pipes behind walls and under floorboards will begin leaking, causing much more collateral damage which will also need to be repaired.

Pipe Types for Repiping

Repiping is generally done with plastic pipes or copper pipes.

Plastic pipes are the most cost–effective repiping option. They are less expensive to produce than copper or other metals, and they weigh much less which affects their transportation costs. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are utilized for the cold water supply, for drainage, and for vent pipes. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes are utilized mainly for the hot water supply lines because of their heat resistant characteristics.

Copper pipes are the more expensive repiping option. They are used for their durability, for their recyclable nature, and for bringing an added level of value to any building. They are more expensive to install, but they also offer a better water volume, and better water–flow of clean water that is free of rust. They also have the distinctive ability to expand when water inside them freeze, rather than bursting. Both rigid and flexible copper pipes are currently used in various portions of a pipe installation or pipe replacement.

Repiping Services with a Professional Boise Plumbing Company

Wickstrom Service Company is a well–qualified Boise plumbing company which supplies the quality repiping services you need which include pipe installation and pipe replacement. Our repiping technicians have the right amount of both training and hands–on experience necessary to carrying out quality repiping work on plumbing systems. When technologies change, new techniques arise, and plumbing industry standards are re–evaluated we educate our plumbing technicians to ensure they grasp every facet of the wide array of plumbing systems.