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Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Services in Boise and Meridian, by Wickstrom

Wickstrom Service Company - Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Services in Boise and Meridian, by Wickstrom

Plumbing repairs can be needed any time, day or night. It is not always the most appropriate time that plumbing issues occur, but when plumbing repairs are needed quick resolution is also required. Wickstrom is a Boise plumbing company that offers swift resolution to all your plumbing problems, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs can be needed for simple things such as small water line leaks, to larger issues like when a plumbing system backs up.

It can be clogged plumbing such as a clogged toilet or a clogged drain line that are easy to see by the water filling up the sink or toilet, but are not always easy to fix on your own, especially if the clog is further down the pipe than normal cleaning methods account for. If it is a leaky pipe that is the problem watch for the smell of mildew, increases in water bills, water dripping from odd places like the ceiling or a wall, or water collecting in places such as a basement or lower floor of a building.

Whatever the plumbing repair that is needed, our experience in the plumbing field can mean a quick solution to just about any Meridian plumbing problem.

Plumbing System Maintenance

Plumbing systems benefit greatly from proper care and handling. By scheduling to have plumbing system maintenance performed in your interior space, you can ensure that your pipes keep running smoothly and any deterioration that is happening will be caught before it turns into a major leak behind a wall that could cause more serious damage.

Some of the things our plumbers in Boise do during a plumbing system maintenance inspection are to check for are leaks in exposed pipes, signs of corrosion, water pressure will be tested, sediment buildup or leaks in faucets and showerheads, drainage speed, flushing handle and toilet parts, cracked tiles around piping in sinks and showers, and that proper caulking is utilized. Our plumbing maintenance inspections tend to be rather straightforward and are completed efficiently, with any problems being resolved on the spot so that you can move on with your day.

Plumbing Services with a Professional Boise Plumbing Company

Wickstrom Service Company is a well–qualified plumbing company in Boise that supplies the quality plumbing services you need which include plumbing repairs, and plumbing maintenance plans. Our plumbers have the knowledge base necessary to work with practically every fixture, pipe, and drain there is. When innovative technologies, new methods of practice, and plumbing industry standards come up it is a top priority to correctly train our plumbing technicians so that they are well–informed in every plumbing arena.