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York Heat Pumps in the Boise Area

York heat pumps can be an important part of any home comfort system. A York heat pump heats and air conditions the indoor spaces while properly circulating the air as well, ensuring that you are comfortable no matter what time of year it is. The knowledgeable heating specialists in Boise at Wickstrom can help with your York heat pump installation or replacement, as well as your York heat pump repair or maintenance.

York Heat Pumps

York heat pumps are built by a company which designs and manufactures high quality heat pumps that are crafted masterfully, which utilize new technologies, and are built through highly skilled workmanship. They create heat pumps which come with high–efficiency compressors, isolated compressor compartment, and swept–wing fan design for silent operation, innovative designs which minimize run time and prevent freezing in cold weather. York heat pumps provide from 15% to 25% higher energy efficiency than comparable heat pumps, while also being compact in design, which results in both money–savings month–over–month during use and space–savings year–round.

York Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Boise

If it looks like a heat pump is the preference for your individual heating system needs, we highly recommend York heat pumps. It could be that you need a York heat pump installation in a newly built home, or a York heat pump replacement in order to upgrade an old heating system in a building that is being restored. Whatever your situation is York heat pumps offer a great amount of reliability, and will efficiently heat and cool your indoor space for many years ahead.

York Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Yes, your York heat pump is built tough and is designed to work efficiently for many years. But there will come a day eventually when a York heat pump repair is finally required. When critical internal parts wear out after years of fine service, our Boise heating technicians can help with a York heat pump repair and quickly get your heat pump working properly again.

Having a York heat pump that works as it was intended to, is easy to do. Scheduling preventive York heat pump maintenance is important to the health and length–of–life of your heat pump. It is actually one of the easier maintenance types to perform because heat pumps are such simple devices. But having a heat pump maintenance performed will ensures that vital parts function correctly, all electrical connections are sound, there are no refrigerant leaks, all pieces are clean and lubricated, filters are changed, ducts work properly, and that small heat pump problems which are found are resolved. Invest in your York heat pump and keep it operating efficiently for years to come by having a preventive York heat pump maintenance checkup completed.

York Heat Pump Services in Boise

Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a licensed heating company in the Boise area which provides quality York heat pump services throughout which encompasses York heat pump installation and replacement, as well as York heat pump repair and maintenance. Our heating professionals have both education and daily experience in working with York heat pumps, and can help you in any capacity which is required.

Wickstrom has been providing heat pump services throughout the Boise area for the past twenty years, contact us today!