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Thermostats in the Boise and Meridian Areas, by Wickstrom

When you are deciding on a new heating and air conditioning system, having done the proper research is essential to purchasing one that will work well for your individual space. But in addition to that is the choice of what thermostat to purchase. Having a properly calibrated thermostat connected to your heating and air conditioning system is essential. Each thermostat has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the Boise heating professionals at Wickstrom are knowledgeable in the various brands and models and what each thermostat offers, and can thus assist you through the process of determining which thermostat is right for you.

Digital Temperature Control with Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are one of the more popular thermostat types these days. Also called digital temperature control units, digital thermostats provide highly accurate temperature control for a variety of high–end heating and air conditioning systems. They have no moving parts and instead rely on semiconductor devices which gauge temperature. Normally an LCD screen will display all pertinent information to the user allowing access to settings that can vary such as time–of–day and day–of–week settings for the temperature. Digital thermostats can work with home automation systems which control a variety of systems throughout a home through one central access point.

Digital thermostats can save you money in energy bills because of the degree of accuracy which they provide, as well as their ability to adjust temperatures of an indoor space while no one is using it. This ability is labeled as being programmable thermostats, which most digital temperature control devices are these days. Program your own temperature settings, or utilize the recommended preset temperatures. Diverting from the preset temperature settings will increase or decrease the amount of energy savings you have by using a digital thermostat.

Thermostat Installation, Replacement, Repair, and Maintenance Services with a Professional Boise Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Wickstrom Service Company is a certified Boise heating and air conditioning company which supplies quality thermostat services throughout the Boise area which include digital thermostat installation on new heating and air conditioning systems, thermostat replacement on preexisting systems which need to be upgraded, digital thermostat repair, and thermostat maintenance checkups. Our heating and air conditioning technicians in Meridian have an understanding of and hands–on experience with all sorts of thermostat types including digital thermostats. When technology advances, as methods and techniques change, and as heating and air conditioning industry standards progress we educate our heating professionals in whatever information is relevant to thermostats.