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Furnace Repair and Maintenance in the Boise Area

Furnaces are complex devices which need to have regular furnace maintenance performed, and which will occasionally call for furnace repairs. Having a skilled heating company in Boise such as Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to work with is very important when things are not going right and a furnace repair is needed, or in order to perform that preventive furnace maintenance performed.

Fixing Furnace Problems through Furnace Repair

Listen to your furnace, it will usually speak loud and clear when furnace problems arise and a furnace repair becomes necessary in order for it to work efficiently once again. Look for decreased heat production from its norm, an increase in the energy bills which are associated to furnace use, watch for dust, debris, and smoke coming from vents, pay attention to air becoming more stuffy, as well as odd smells, the presence of carbon monoxide, and if the furnace begins to make unusual noises. Each of these is a wake–up call from your furnace, telling you that furnace repairs are indeed quite necessary.

Furnace Maintenance is a Must

Having preventive furnace maintenance performed on an annual basis on your furnace will ensure that it works as efficiently as possible for as many years as possible. Working with a furnace technician in Eagle that can perform proper furnace maintenance can make all the difference in the world to your furnace and to your pocketbook.

Furnace maintenance should be performed prior to the cold seasons, which are generally the time the furnace will be utilized the most. Professional maintenance on furnaces will include checking for strong connections, accurate gas pressure, gas line leaks, the burner combustion and heat exchange, possible cracks in the furnace itself, the pilot and pilot assembly, as well as soot build–up removal. Additionally, any furnace repairs which are found during the furnace maintenance inspection will be fixed on the spot.

You can also help maintain your furnace health by performing your own inspection of your furnace more frequently. Keep the furnace area free of clutter, and clean the vents that are most easily reached with a vacuum cleaner attachment so that air can move as freely as possible through the vents.

Furnace Services Throughout Boise

Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a licensed Boise heating company that offers quality furnace services such as furnace repair and furnace maintenance. Our heating experts have the preparation and adeptness which are vital to recognizing and solving furnace issues. When new advances in technology arise, methods of practice change and heating industry standards are improved we instruct our heating specialists, ensuring they comprehend all modifications associated to furnaces within the heating industry.

Wickstrom has been a trusted provider of heating services throughout the Boise area for the past twenty years, contact us today!