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Boilers Repair and Maintenance in the Boise

Boilers are built to be tough, dependable, and to last for many years. They perform their work quite well while working hard at properly heating our various interior spaces in residences and commercial buildings. But just as any other mechanical device, pieces of a boiler will eventually wear out, or break, which then brings forth the need for boiler repair. This is the time to employ a professional heating company in Boise such as Wickstrom that not only provides quality boiler repairs, but also the ability to schedule preventive boiler maintenance tune–ups.

When Boiler Repairs Become Necessary

After years of good service when a boiler problem finally surfaces, it will be fairly simple to see. Below are some main signs to watch for that will indicate that there is a boiler issue and that boiler repairs may be a necessary next step.

Pay attention to the normal heat level in your indoor space, and whether there are strange fluctuations in the heat level. Watch for heating becoming uneven in different rooms, which could mean a pipe is clogged, there is a clogged flu, or some other issue needs to be addressed. When pressure becomes too high in the boiler itself there could be a blocked flu or gas leak causing the excessive pressure. A drop in water–pressure or a decrease in hot water temperature in other area of a building could mean that the boiler is overcompensating for a boiler problem by utilizing more water. Whatever the case may be, having a proper boiler repair performed is essential to the boiler’s health and longevity.

Preventive Boiler Maintenance

During the cold winter months it is essential to have a reliable source of heat such as a boiler. In order to make certain that your boiler runs at its peak performance capability during those times of high continual usage it is ideal to have a preventive boiler maintenance performed just before the cold season sets in.

During the preventive boiler maintenance, our certified Boise boiler technician will check all vital parts and systems related to the boiler including the flu, the pipes, the radiators or other radiant heat destination, in addition to checking for gas leaks, that all parts are lubricated and that all connections are sound. During the boiler maintenance, small boiler problems can be fixed. And once the boiler maintenance is completed your boiler will work more efficiently and for a longer amount of time.

Boiler Services in Boise

Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a professional Boise heating company that offers quality boiler services which consist of boiler installation and replacement, as well as boiler repair and maintenance. Our heating specialists have the familiarity and experience working with boilers of all makes and models. We can help you in the capacity which you require for each of your boiler needs.