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Geothermal System Services in Boise

Wickstrom Service Company - Geothermal System Services in Boise

There are an innumerable amount of heating and air conditioning system options available to choose from these days. One of the fantastic options is with geothermal heating and cooling. The geothermal system professionals in Boise at Wickstrom Service Co. have year of experience working with geothermal heating and cooling systems and can assist you in whatever capacity you require.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Geothermal systems pull heat from the ground for use to warm up indoor spaces on cold days. It is a similar technology to heat pumps, and oftentimes they are called geothermal heat pumps. However, instead of pulling heat from the air, heat is pulled from the ground. When the system is run in reverse, it can be used to cool an interior space. This happens by pipes collecting heat from inside the building, sending it to the ground, and then pulling the cold from the ground and transferring it into the air of the building. No matter how you look at it, Boise geothermal systems are a very efficient heating and air conditioning option for practically any sized interior space.

Boise Geothermal Heating and Cooling Services

Wickstrom is a licensed geothermal company that supplies comprehensive geothermal system services in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and the surrounding areas which include geothermal installation and replacement, as well as geothermal repair and maintenance plans.

Our geothermal specialties include working with geothermal loop systems, water source heat pumps, and doing geothermal drilling. Our skilled geothermal technicians use the latest technologies to identify geothermal system problems and perform geothermal repairs. In addition we supply a comprehensive geothermal heating and cooling system maintenance plan that can keep your entire geothermal system operating efficiently for many years to come.

We do geothermal installation for new construction of homes, as well as geothermal replacement on older systems. As you can see with this brief accounting of our main geothermal services, we are well–versed in a wide array of geothermal system services. No matter what type of geothermal heat pump problem you stumble upon, our geothermal professionals are poised to help you.

Contact Wickstrom Service Co. for quality geothermal heating and cooling services throughout the entire Boise area.