Meridian ID Heating Tip: How Heating Maintenance and Small Upgrades Can Save Energy

Are you looking for ways to save energy and money on heating your Meridian ID area home this winter? Did you know that routine maintenance can actually save energy? Here are some ways that annual maintenance visits and small upgrades can help you cut back on energy use and your heating bills.

Contact Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for more tips or to schedule your yearly tune-up.

When one of our qualified technician tunes your system, the technician will test the efficiency levels of as part of this visit. The technician can also pinpoint areas in which you can improve your home. Weatherization doesn’t just involve sealing and insulating. Having adequate ventilation and airflow is also important in maintaining efficiency. This is why we recommend that you change or clean your air filters often during the winter.

In addition to routine maintenance, another small upgrade is switching out your old dial thermostat with a new digital programmable thermostat. The old dial thermostats are probably what most people are familiar with. They use mercury to measure the temperature, which is why you have to dispose of them in a way that is approved by your local waste facility.

It’s best to have a heating professional install any type of new thermostat since anyone who doesn’t have experience installing heating equipment could damage the equipment or undergo personal injury. A professional will also know how to dispose of the old thermostat. Never throw out a mercury thermostat without checking with the local codes first.

Saving energy can as easy as calling us for your next maintenance service. By lowering your heating bills, you are also reducing your impact on the environment. Feel free to call the Meridian ID heating experts at Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling any time. Why wait to start saving energy and money? Call today!

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