Boise ID Heating Tips: Advantages of Radiant Heat and Other Upgrades

Are you thinking of upgrading to radiant heat or other ways to save energy this winter? The Boise ID heating experts at Wickstrom have helped customers in the area find home heating solutions for over twenty years.

Here are some important tips on ways to save energy when heating your home this winter.

Upgrading to Radiant Heat

If you are wondering about the advantages of radiant heat in your particular home, call a professional heating technician for advice. Keep in mind that installing radiant floors will require that the flooring will have to be removed. However, radiant floor piping can be installed with a variety of flooring materials. Not only is this a cleaner heat than forced air systems, but it is also a very efficient way to heat your home.

Upgrading your Windows and Doors

Before upgrading your current heating system, you may want to consider installing double-paned windows or storm doors. Adding insulation and making sure your home is properly sealed is another way to get your home ready for a new heating system. Get a home energy audit if you aren’t sure whether or not there are

Benefits of Ductless Systems

According to the EPA, leaky air ducts account for up to 35% of energy waste in a standard home. When you upgrade to any type of heating system that doesn’t use air ducts, whether it’s a ductless split heat pump or boiler system, you can save a lot of energy each year.

Call Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and learn why more customers in the Boise ID area trust us to provide dependable heating and home energy services.

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